Otago Shooting Sports Rifle & Pistol Club


If you are interested in pistol shooting, but are not sure if you would like it, come along and have a go. Initial training is carried out on a one on one basis, where you will be fully supervised by a B Endorsed club member. You are required to hold or obtain an “A” licence as soon as possible. An A licence is obtained by applying to an Arms Officer. You will be required to attend an arms safety course followed by a test which you must pass. You will be vetted and your security inspected.

The B Endorsement is obtained by being a financial member of both a Pistol club, and Pistol New Zealand, and having attended and shot at the club at least 12 times during a six month probationary period. You will be required to complete the PNZ basic new member/safety test. Upon attaining this stage, the club committee may recommend you to the Police for your B licence. At this stage the Police will confirm your suitability, and check your security arrangements for owning your own pistols.

If pistol shooting is not your thing, you will not be required to join Pistol New Zealand, or obtain a B endorsement. As well as our pistol shooting disciplines, we hold regular rifle and shotgun shoots.        We can shoot up to 100 metres.

ISSF; this is slow fire, one hand precision type shooting, on scored, paper targets. Pistols are generally .22 semi-autos or revolvers.

SILHOUETTE; this is longer range type shooting at steel silhouette targets. Shot with either pistols or rifles.

ACTION; this type of shooting requires you to shoot at steel and paper targets, often at speed but still requiring accuracy. Pistols range from .38 revolvers to 9mm, and 45acp semi-autos.

BLACK POWDER; this form of shooting caters for those interested in the muzzle loading revolvers and rifles of yester year.

COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING; action shooting with a western theme, using revolvers, rifles and shotguns.  Great family fun and sport. Home of the Misty Valley Peacemakers.

Upon joining the club you will be taught all safety and shooting basics, which will prepare you for all shooting disciplines. We are proudly paranoid about safety, and the rules are strictly enforced.


Ear protection (plugs or muffs) and eye protection is mandatory.

Please note: Our range is not gazetted for the use of high powered hunting rifles, or bottle necked cases.